A True Wholigan: Winner of a Mad Catz Charity Auction

Intro by HMXHenry

Our friends at Mad Catz recently reached out to The Who to offer two signed Fender Wireless Wooden Stratocaster Guitars for auction to benefit the Teenage Cancer Trust. The auctions raised over $3,000 and proved to be a great opportunity to unite a Mad Catz peripheral (a replica of a Fender classic) for a Harmonix game with one of the greatest rock bands of all time, all for a great cause.

David LeGros, one of the auction winners, was good enough to share some stories about his love for The Who. His generosity will benefit an amazing charity supported by the band, and his passion for the music and the history are an awesome reminder of the enthusiasm that makes a game like Rock Band possible. Check out his story below!

I heard about the auction on website. As a fanatic Wholigian, I usually check the website every other day to see what is up with Pete and Rog. I was prompted to bid primarily because of the nature of the cause as I know how dear it is to Rog’s heart. I have been a long time donator to St. Jude’s as well. Secondly, the uniqueness of the item was really cool. Lastly, my oldest son, Daltrey, had won a copy of the Live at Leeds 40th anniversary boxed set autographed by Rog on another contest on, so I thought this guitar would be a cool addition. Yes, my son is named after Roger. My wife and I were married on Rog’s birthday. I did mention I was a fan, right?

I am already constructing a display case for the guitar. Alas, it shall never be played. The only way it would be smashed is if Pete came to my house and smashes it himself.

I was introduced to The Who’s music in 1981 when I was in the sixth grade. “You Better, You Bet” was just a cool song I heard on the radio and liked. My sister and brother are a decade older than me, and I happened upon the Who’s Next album in my brother’s collection a little while after. That album was the real hook. In high school, a good friend of mine was a real Wholigian and turned me on to Tommy, Quadrophenia, and especially The Who By Numbers. For me, no one has expressed the trials and turmoil of adolescence (and growing older) lyrically more eloquently than Pete Townshend, and Roger Daltrey was put on this earth by God to be the voice of Pete’s lyrics. No one but John Entwistle could have been the bridge between the playing of Pete and Keith Moon. Every act needs comic relief, and who was a funnier individual than Keith Moon, not to mention that he is probably the best drummer who ever lived.

In 1983, The Who was playing about an hour away from my home in Mobile, Alabama in Biloxi, Mississippi on their farewell tour. However, my parents were not about to let me go, being only 14. So, seeing them live is an obsession of mine. I have seen them seven times, which is every tour from 1989 forward (my wife and I even hopped the pond in 2006 to see them at the first Hard Rock Calling Festival in London). I have seen Pete, Rog, and John solo once each. In fact, when John played here in Mobile, my wife and I were dating at the time. The theater he played at is very small, and if you wait outside, you can generally see the artist leaving. Depending on their mood, you might catch an autograph or photo. So, being a fan, I was willing to wait. My wife is a school teacher, and the show was during the week, and she had to get up early the next morning for work. However, she waited with me until after midnight when John finally came out. I had a tour program from the 1997 Quadrophenia show with me, and he saw it and came over to sign it. When he said hello, I could not get any words to come out. My wife jumped in and greeted him, saying how much we loved him and The Who, that I was his biggest fan, I had all of The Who’s albums and all of his solo albums, and that I had been to every show since 1989. As John was signing my program, he said “So, you’ve been to every show, huh?” The only words I ever said to the man were “Yes, sir.” He replied, with a very stern look on his face “Well, so have I. That’s no big deal.” I thought I was going to die. I thought I had offended him in some way. He then laughed and slapped me on the back and said he was just kidding. Well, it was right then that I knew I needed to ask my wife to marry me as she would always have my back!

I have zero coordination, so I am not a big gamer. However, my sons are getting good for a 3 and 2 year old. There was a Rock Band booth at a music festival I took them to last year. My oldest was really taken by the game, and that was all he wanted to do. So, there is a Rock Band game system in his future for sure. However, the signed guitar will not be used.

To further support Teenage Cancer Trust, Mad Catz also will be donating a range of its popular video game and entertainment accessories to all of the charity's specialist units in the UK and pledge to continue supporting the important work carried out by Teenage Cancer Trust for time to come. You can learn more about their mission by clicking the links below:


ok so there's a signed controller out there now.. great. now let's have another pack of Who DLC, please? Please?