Avenged Sevenfold and Juanes DLC Comes to Rock Band!

I am thrilled to share this week's DLC news with you, as I've personally been hoping for one of these songs for a long time! We're bringing you three new songs from metalcore band Avenged Sevenfold! Plus a six-pack of tracks from Spanish-language Grammy-award winning artist Juanes!

Joining the four Avenged Sevenfold tracks already available in the Rock Band Music Store are two hits from their previous albums and the brand new single "Nightmare" from the new album of the same name hitting stores on the same day as the DLC. Avenged Sevenfold was in the middle of working on Nightmare when their drummer and friend Jimmy "The Rev" Sullivan passed away. The Rev was one of the most astounding drummers in rock, and the band needed someone that could live up to the band's and the fans' expectations to record the new album from Jimmy's demos. Enter Dream Theater's Mike Portnoy. According to the band, Portnoy was a way to transfer Jimmy's legacy onto tape and he made sure every note was true to Jimmy. If you've played the two Dream Theater songs in Rock Band you know to be prepared for some crazy drumming. Add in the driving guitars and varying vocal styles and "Nightmare" is a challenge for everyone.

Also coming out this week are "Seize the Day" and "Scream." "Seize the Day" is one of the more mellow A7X tracks, giving Rock Band vocalists some room to show off. "Scream" - a song I've been hoping would come to Rock Band since the first time I heard it - gives everyone a challenge. Growling vocals, scale-like guitar parts, and The Rev's challenging drumming make this an awesome setlist finisher.

Juanes is a Grammy-winning Spanish language artist with a record-breaking seventeen Latin Grammy awards! His belief in social change through music has earned him millions of fans and has landed him a spot on the Rock Band 3 setlist with his hit single "Me Enamora." Juanes fans can get a taste of his music before Rock Band 3 because this week we're bringing you six of his tracks from across albums: "A Dios le Pido," "Fiate Bien," "Gotas de Aqua Dulce," "La Camisa Negra," "Mala Gente," and "Yerberato," a track from the yet-to-be-released album of the same name.

These tracks will be available July 27 on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Wii. Individual tracks will be $1.99 on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, and $2.00 on Wii. "Avenged Sevenfold Pack 01" will be $5.49 on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. "Juanes Pack 01" will be $9.99 on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. To discuss this DLC, please visit the official discussion thread on the Rock Band forums.


lol way to missdd spell two songs from Juanes ^__^