Crashing Love, Blazing DLC: New and Old AFI Five-Pack

We always like to spotlight new releases by bands we like, especially if those bands have been Rock Band favorites in the past. So for all the “Girl’s Not Grey” lovers and members of the Despair Faction (as AFI’s punky/gothy fans are known), we unveil three songs from the band’s brand-new album Crash Love, plus two key tracks from the past.

Their eighth studio album Crash Love isn’t meant as a concept album, though most of its songs hinge on a theme. As singer Davey Havok explains, “The album title itself can be construed as a command, as a destructive kind of love, or as a desire for a relationship that’s headed inevitably toward disaster and flameout. The lyrics of some songs trace an arc from adoration to the desire to tear down the object of affection…The record is really more about how the great attraction to inappropriately shaped intimacies, carefully constructed personas, and the loss of self can affect an entire world.”

After branching out in the studio with their last two discs, the band came into Crash Love looking to capture the sound of the four of them, playing in the studio as they did on the road. From that album comes “Medicate”, about a user/enabler relationship, plus “Beautiful Thieves,” and “End Transmission.” Also here are “The Leaving Song, Part 2” (which, like “Girl’s Not Grey,” hails from 2003’s breakthrough album Sing the Sorrow), and 2006’s “Love Like Winter.”  If these songs help to bring out long-suppressed feelings about you bandmates…don’t say we didn’t warn you!

These tracks are available individually or as a pack on Xbox 360 (on November 17th) and Playstation 3 (on November 19th) for $1.99 per track or $8.49 for the pack. The tracks are available individually on the Wii (on November 17th) for $2.00.