Metal on Metal on Metal: Anvil is Real and Rock Band’s Got ‘Em

How often does this kind of thing happen? A long-running heavy metal band gets a movie made about its not-always-glorious history, the movie makes people laugh and rock, next thing you know the band’s hitting the road on a real-life comeback. Yes, we know there’s a Spinal Tap parallel there, but in Anvil’s case the truth really is stranger than fiction. Yes, the singer/guitarist is known as Lips, and yes, he used to do weird things onstage with chainsaws and sexual devices. Yes, Anvil really has a drummer named Robb Reiner - make your own Spinal Tap jokes over that one. The movie Anvil! The Story of Anvil brought the band’s story into the open and now these guys, well into their 50s, are hot on the comeback trail - complete with a Rock Band three-pack.

The strangest part of all this is that some groundbreaking thrash-metal was laid down in Toronto when hardly anyone was paying attention. Listen to the band’s anthem “Metal on Metal” along with “666” and wonder why you missed them the first time around (if you were born after 1982, you’re excused). Not having calmed down a bit, the band came up with “This is Thirteen” for the title track of its new album, which hits stores this very day. The band is lately swearing it’ll outlast the Rolling Stones; somehow, we think they may pull it off.