Stone Sour Tells Us About the Avalanche Tour, Audio Secrecy, & Their Rock Band Debut

HMXcj chats with Corey Taylor and Josh Rand from Stone Sour about their new Rock Band tracks, their album Audio Secrecy, and the upcoming Avalanche Tour.

The Official Harmonix Podcast Episode 35 – Ska!

If there is one podcast that most illustrates me abusing my powers as the podcast guy, it is this one. We talk about one of my favorite genres of music, the much misunderstood and oft-maligned style called Ska.

The Clash Add Songs from London Calling to Rock Band!

Songs from the classic punk album London Calling from The Clash are coming to Rock Band on February 1, including several with Pro Guitar / Pro Bass upgrades available.

New to RBN: 1/28/11

The Rock Band Network features tracks from Amberian Dawn, Evile, and Bright Midnight, with tracks from Amberian Dawn and Sleater-Kinney coming to PlayStation 3. Feature Update: 1/24/11

We’ve been working on a bunch of new features and bug fixes here at Here’s a rundown of the latest changes.


Rock Band Network insiders recommend songs ranging from "epic evil metal" to "upbeat blippy synth-pop" to "infectious, reggae-infused ska-pop." Read on for the HMX Picks from the past couple of weeks of Rock Band Network releases.

David Bowie Classics Come to Rock Band

Can't get enough Bowie in Rock Band? Next week you'll have five more beloved David Bowie classics to rock out to, with two featuring Pro Guitar / Pro Bass upgrades.

New to RBN: 1/21/11

This week's Rock Band Network tracks see more double bass pedal songs, more songs from RBN favorites Amberian Dawn, and the winning remix of OK Go's "White Knuckles." Plus we have new tracks for PlayStation 3 from Converge, All That Remains, and more.

The Official Harmonix Podcast Episode 34 – Hard Core

Welcome to the New Year at Harmonix! Things have been eventful lately in the offices, and we discuss those events in this episode!

Stone Sour Makes Their Rock Band Debut

Stone Sour is making their much-anticipated debut next week with a three pack of fan favorite songs, including the first single off their new album Audio Secrecy, "Say You'll Haunt Me."

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