Prog, Punk, and Power: A Perfect Package of DLC

A much wiser man than us (we think it may have been Abe Vigoda) once claimed that all great forms of music begin with a P. Keeping that in mind, we’re proud to present a DLC package full of prog, punk, pop, and, uh…power metal? Sure!

The Dance Epidemic is Here: Electric Six Wants You!

Three tracks from dance-rockers Electric Six come to Rock Band.

Rock With the Raconteurs: Jack White and Brendan Benson Bring It to Rock Band

Three hit tracks from The Raconteurs come to Rock Band, helping Jack White catch up to Dave Grohl for number of bands in the game.

Two Jagged Pills, One Set of Handlebars: Alanis Morissette and Flobots DLC

Two hit tracks from Alanis Morissette's Jagged Little Pill album, plus a new hit from Flobots.

Get Schooled by the Masters: iVideosongs Brings the Experts to Rock Band!

So you’ve mastered “Painkiller” on Expert, you nailed the harmony vocals on The Beatles: Rock Band, and you just know that with a little direction you could be slaying a real-life crowd like your rock heroes do?

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