Crashing Love, Blazing DLC: New and Old AFI Five-Pack

Five tracks from three different AFI albums come to Rock Band.

That Straight-Ahead DLC: Homme, Grohl, & Jones Band Makes Rock Band Debut!

Them Crooked Vultures adds a track to the Rock Band catalog.

Play Like a Bangle! We Interview Susanna Hoffs as “Walk Like an Egyptian” Hits DLC

Get the inside scoop on new DLC song "Walk Like an Egyptian" straight from The Bangles' singer Susanna Hoffs.

SpongeBob Superstar! A Big Yellow Three-Pack of DLC

So you’re one of those bands who does a heartfelt “Where’s Gary?” when it’s getting late and those game play sessions start turning emotional? Or maybe you just have a quirky sense of humor and a singer with a helium-high voice?

Super Collision On Central Square: Big Dipper Plays Big Dipper

It’s always been one of our Rock Band fantasies to videotape a band playing the game to its own songs - surely there has to be someone out there who can do a better job than Rush did in that Stephen Colbert video you’ve all seen.

Working at Harmonix is Awesome

I wanted to work for Harmonix. I used to email HMXHellion every few months, asking about open positions and including my resume, constantly trolling the job openings for something I could do.

Anarchy from the UK: Kasabian and Damned DLC Singles

Two new tracks from UK bands The Damned and Kasabian join the Rock Band Store this week.

The Official Harmonix Rock Band Podcast Episode 3 – Triple Threat

Episode 3 with a special Desert Bus for Hope Interview, Social ep2, The GiggleB*s ep2, the DLC Roundtable and More!

Crazy Little Thing Called LEGO: Queen Joins the LEGO Rock Band Kingdom

Queen featured as LEGO minifigs and performing their classic hit "We Are the Champions" in LEGO Rock Band.

It Will Get Loud! The White Stripes Finally Hit Rock Band

The White Stripes come to Rock Band with a classic three-pack.