Blog 2008 Recap

Behind-the-scenes news, DLC releases and rock star interviews from 2008. 

Cisco Presents: Rock Band Chapter 4

A look at our Chinese connection, this chapter reveals why the guitars look so good.

Hitting the Studio: How Not to Get Nervous When They Press “Record”

When you make your first trip to the recording studio, there is just one thing you need to keep in mind: what you’re about to do could go down in music history, make or break your band, and change or ruin your life forever. Okay, now relax and have fun!

Not So Special Contest - Ends 12/29/08 12AM ET

So you were too goofy, geeky or just plain ordinary-looking to win any of our previous contests? Not to worry: Rock Band is for everybody, and now it

Role Model Contest Winner


Adventures in Booking: A Guide to Getting a Show

The hard part is over. You’ve gotten a band together and written some songs. Now you’re ready to play some shows but you don’t have the faintest idea of where to start. Follow these guidelines and you’ll be on your way to stardom in no time.

HMXers Favorite Rock Band Songs

What songs do the people behind Rock Band like to play in the game?

Holiday Pack and Foo Fighters Pack

The holidays are here and so are the Foo Fighters.

Rock Band presents: The Great Role Model Challenge - Ends 12/21/08 12AM ET

For our latest photo contest, we’re shooting the works: We invite you to pick any musician with a song on Rock Band and do your impression of that artist. Anyone is fair game as long as they have a song in the game, even one of those lesser-known DLC bands. Become your role model and you shall be rewarded!

Talk is Cheap, but So Are You: Advice on Stage Patter

Okay. So you've got the band together through want ads or social networking websites or maybe just recruiting random interesting-looking people you saw on the subway. You've written some songs, maybe learned some covers.

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