Cisco Presents: Rock Band Chapter 2

So how exactly do you manufacture a million virtual drum sets? We found out so you don’t have to.

Bandmate Contest Winner

And the winner is, drum roll please . . . 

Exclusive John Dee Guitar Case Artwork Auctioned for Charity

A perfect storm occurred at Harmonix last week when a dirty microwave somewhat randomly signed by the company crossed paths with a high end guitar case en route to Seattle for Penny Arcade’s annual fund raiser for Child’s Play Charity.

Rock Band 2 Wins Two X-Play Best of 2008 Awards

Rock Band 2 won two X-Play Best of 2008 Awards - Best Downloadable Content and Best Music Game.

Child's Play Charity Dinner Results

Every year we donate something or some things to Penny Arcade's Child's Play Charity dinner in Seattle, and this week was no different.

No Doubt Singles DLC

No Doubt finally comes to Rock Band.

Bandmate Drummer Contest - Ends 12/13/08 12 AM ET

With your help we’re assembling the all-time killer Rock Band band. Now it’s time to fill that all-important drum slot. We invite you to show us the essence of a rock’n’roll drummer, with all the wildness and sheer energy that would entail. Don’t hold yourself back, just make sure not to injure the photographer!

It is Really Unlikely that Your Arm Will Suddenly Snap Off: Fear and Your First Show

When I was a kid, I was scared of almost everything. I was what child psychologists might call a “highly imaginative child,” which is what a normal person would call...

Mad Catz M.I.C. Contest Winner

Without further ado, or a don't . . . 

Country Pack DLC

Country music DLC finally comes to Rock Band with Brooks & Dunn, the Dixie Chicks and more.