It is Really Unlikely that Your Arm Will Suddenly Snap Off: Fear and Your First Show

When I was a kid, I was scared of almost everything. I was what child psychologists might call a “highly imaginative child,” which is what a normal person would call...

HMX First Records Story

You always wonder about your coworkers’ formative musical experiences, especially in an outfit like this one. With that in mind, we posted an informal in-house poll, asking Harmonix folks about their first records, tapes and/or CDs. We were sure we’d find out that our brilliant colleagues were dreaming up music games in the womb, sneaking into CBGB at the age of ten, and absorbing the whole of music history.

The People’s Artist

A hallmark of Rock Band is the visual authenticity for users playing at home (you’re on your own for accurate rock n’ roll smells). 

Mad Catz M.I.C. Contest - Ends 12/7/08 12AM ET

This week’s contest prize is the coveted Mad Catz M.I.C. (Microphone with Integrated Controller), but we’re going to make you work for it.

Give Thanks Winner

And the winning turkey is...

Gimme Gimme Gimme: Gifts for Your Bandmates That Hopefully Won’t Result in Them Taking a Tremendous Pee in Your Coat Closet

Hey everybody, HMXHellion here, freshly plumped with a couple extra pounds of lovin’, cheerfully gained on my Thanksgiving weekend diet, composed of such health-conscious foods as “bacon grease” and “stuff cooked in bacon grease.” After eating enough to feed a bathtub full of panthers, I spent much of the weekend shopping, as, I’m sure, did many of you. 

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