Whirlwind Visits!

HMXThrasher recounts some recent community trips to Denver, Chicago, & Minneapolis.

Rock Band's 2009 Wrap-Up

The year in Rock Band.

HMX Desks: HMXVeng’s Turtles, Riggs, and Dave

Check out the toys that inhabit HMXVeng's desk, including an Eddie Riggs statue, TMNT figures, and anime figures.

McCartney Mania!

Three songs from Paul McCartney’s Good Evening New York City live album will be available for Rock Band in January. The album was recorded at McCartney’s historic performances at New York’s Citi Field and is available as a CD/DVD package or as a deluxe version featuring extra content.

Rock Band Gets A Little More Country

Country fans, this is the pack you’ve been waiting for – “Going Country Pack 02” features six country tracks previously only available on the Country Track Pack disc. Now available for download on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Wii, these tracks include three Grammy winners and number one songs from the country charts.

Rock Band Network PAX Panels, Part II: Caleb Explains Authoring

Senior Sound Designer Caleb Epps explains the HOW of Rock Band Network in this video. Jonathan Coulton appears and plays live!

Alternative! Nu Metal! Punk Pop! (Family Friendly!)

Want some more songs for your LEGO minifigs to sing? We’ve got three family friendly singles for you this week, so you can play them in LEGO Rock Band as well as Rock Band 2. And they come from some unexpected sources…

(If You’re Wondering If We Like Weezer) We Like Weezer

So far, we’ve brought you nine songs by Weezer. This November, Weezer came out with album number seven, Raditude, which mixes contemplative glances at youth, decisions, love, and mistakes with boisterous pop-rock.

The Official Harmonix Rock Band Podcast Episode 6 – Friendship Bread

Happy Holidays rockers! We’ve got a little present for you this week – it’s the Friendship Bread episode!

Custom Rock Band Guitar for Child's Play!

Check out an exclusive Rock Band guitar designed for a PAX Child's Play charity auction!

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