More Tracks from Groundbreaking Songwriter and Performer Jimi Hendrix Coming to Rock Band

Named the greatest guitar player of all time by Rolling Stone magazine in its recent “100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time” feature, there are few unfamiliar with the legendary songwriter and performer Jimi Hendrix. The guitar virtuoso’s playing style redefined rock and roll, infusing his unparalleled technical ability with an extreme and experimental sound that wowed audiences, changing music history for decades to come. On December 20th, Harmonix is proud to be adding seven classic Hendrix tracks to the Rock Band Music Store.

New to RBN: 12/15/11

This week we're bringing rockabilly to the RBN, along with 20 other songs!

Discovering Rush: Spontaneous Emotion (And The Long Enduring Kind)

Hi. My name is Carolyn, and, though I claim to be a prog rock fan, it’s more accurate to say that I’m a Rush fan. It isn’t that I don’t listen to Yes, or Genesis, or Pink Floyd, or, lately, Andromeda (thank you, Rock Band Network!) - it’s just that Rush is where it all started for me.

RBN Highlights 15

What makes a song fun in Rock Band? This batch of community-recommended RBN songs includes an infectious punk rock song (good stuff), a finger-bleeding instrumental on guitar (of course), and four pop songs (what?) - but, as the contributors are quick to note, it's pop that rocks. If you're out for a challenge beyond seething metal, take a look.

Rush Adds a Three-Pack, Plus Black Veil Brides and Volbeat Add Tracks

Rush adds three tracks to the Rock Band Music Store and Black Veil Brides and Volbeat each add a single for only $0.99!

Rock Band 3 at Ümloud!

HMXHenry, HMXJohnD, and HMXPope are in San Francisco at the annual Ümloud event. Ümloud is an annual fundraising event supporting Child's Play Charity.

New to RBN: 12/8/11

New songs from Aiden, The Bitter Roots, Nevermore, and 14 more artists are coming your way on Xbox 360 this week, along with songs from Powerman 5000, Alien Ant Farm, Between the Buried and Me, and 2 more artists on PS3 next Tuesday. It's all brought to you by the Rock Band Network, so get out there and rock!

Rock Band’s Fourth Anniversary Round-Up

Rock Band was released on November 20, 2007. To celebrate Rock Band's fourth anniversary, we interviewed the people that were there at the start. What resulted were the following videos, podcasts, and blog posts. We also had our fans share their favorite Rock Band memories!

Queen Returns to Rock Band with Nine Songs!

On December 6th, nine songs from Queen – a legendary band whose career has had a lasting and profound influence on modern music across multiple genres – will hit the Rock Band Music Store.

The Official Harmonix Podcast Episode 57 – The Harmonix Interview: Alex Rigopulos & Eran Egozy

Our illustrious co-founders, Alex and Eran, sit down to talk about a broad range of topics, in relation to 4 years of the Rock Band franchise.