Rock Band Blitz Power-up Profile: Jackpot & Point Doubler

Learn how to use the Jackpot and Point Doubler Power-ups in Rock Band Blitz.

Toadies Bring Three Singles – Including “Possum Kingdom” – to Rock Band!

Toadies add three tracks to the Rock Band Music Store!

New to RBN: 12/6/12

Japanese metal band Dir En Grey hits the RBN on Xbox 360 today with their brilliant 2007 single “Dozing Green”! On PS3, five new songs show up in the store on Tuesday, including two tracks by The Haunted and one by Mafia Track Suit.

There Goes My Hero: My Brother the Rock Band Superfan

Rob is a superfan we met at PAX this year that has been kind enough to write great Rock Band Blitz Power-up profiles for us for a few weeks. He shared this personal story with us, and we thought the Rock Band community would appreciate it.

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