Three NIN songs downloadable for Rock Band

Valve Party at GDC and Special Preview of an Upcoming DLC Song

New extra-special DLC song revealed!

Weezer, Garbage & STP DLC

Get "El Scorcho," "Sex Type Thing" and "Why Do You Love Me" for Rock Band.

Band of Horses Interview

Harmonix editor Brett Milano talks to Taylor Ramsay of Band of Horses.

Rock Band Goes Grammy!

Rock Band parties at The Grammys with Herbie Hancock, Taylor Hawkins, and others.

Grammy All Access

Sean gives you an all-access pass to backstage at the Grammys.

The Police, Clash & Ramones DLC

Three punk rock tracks to rock your Rock Band.

Prodigal Brain Dump

The Rock Band community jumped from 5,000 members to 60,000 after the launch of the game.

B-52′s, Kiss & Faith No More DLC

Three more songs to add to your Rock Band collection.

Mascis Lives All Over Us

Harmonix chats with Dinosaur, Jr. member J Mascis.

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