Rock Band 2 Art by John Dee

HMX artist John Dee created iconic artwork for Rock Band and painted a one-of-a-kind guitar case for the Child’s Play charity auction.

Alt Country & Jimmy Eat World DLC

Remember the “Rock band Goes Country” track that we unveiled last month? A lot of you were shocked and stunned at the idea, but wound up loving the stuff anyway.

Meet Your Rock Heroes! True Encounter Stories

As you move up in the rock ranks, you’re bound to run into some of your musical heroes. This is where you learn to keep your cool—After all, you’re now a peer of sorts, not just a fan.

HMXers' First Concerts: Part II

Everyone remembers their first concert experience. It’s a rite of passage for everyone who appreciates music and live performance.

Giving Props To Props

If you need proof that the right props and staging can make or break a show, consider a Yes concert I saw in 1985 (yes, I loved Yes in 1985 and proudly admit that I still do today).

White Zombie and Turbonegro DLC

Two classic tracks from White Zombie and one wild track from Turbonegro hit DLC this week. 

Rock Band Art by John Dee

HMX artist John Dee created some of the most memorable art in Rock Band. We talked with him about his goals for the artwork, his inspirations for his creations, and his methods of creating such detailed work so quickly. 

Three Fratellis Hits Come to Rock Band

Three tracks from The Fratellis' Costello Music album are available for Rock Band DLC this week.

Start a Band, Rock the World, Get Married! The true love story of Ryan and Laura

We knew all along that Rock Band was about more than having fun thrashing around with plastic guitars. No, our game is all about passion, togetherness, and true love!

Valentine's Day Edition: Jason Kendall’s True Rock’n’Romance Confessions

You’re the frontman of a happening rock band, the opposite sex goes wild when you play, all the temptations are there for the taking….but all you really want is your old girlfriend back.

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