RBN Highlights 18

The RBN Community recommends some of their favorite recent releases, including a French song about collecting ducks, a country song, and much more.

The Official Harmonix Podcast Episode 63 – Exploring America’s Beard

Do you like a good dose of history in your discussions of your favorite music games? Well that’s great, because today’s episode is laden with tons of historical funfacts, the most exciting of which pertains to the 2 year anniversary of the Rock Band Network! The gang chats about their favorite RBN tracks, and gives love to our incredible community of content creators. We also go down the biggest rabbit hole of Texas history with our resident Texan, Jessa. We love you, Texas!

Huey Lewis and the News Bring a Three-Pack to Rock Band!

Huey Lewis and the News add three songs to the Rock Band Music Library!

New to RBN: 2/23/12

This week, the Rock Band Network features Latin, ska, punk, rock, and of course metal! We also announce 5 more songs for the PS3, including Rishloo's "Diamond Eyes", Otep's "Fists Fall", and "BEER!!" by Psychostick.

Megadeth Returns to Rock Band

Megadeth adds a three-pack to their two albums already in Rock Band!

New to RBN: 2/16/12

Congratulations on surviving Valentine's Day! To commemorate your survival, the Rock Band Network is releasing 17 potentially-appropriate tracks such as "Drink Beer, Destroy" by Trucker Diablo, "Put Out the Fire" by Look Left, and "Weevil Bride" by Rishloo. Also, five new tracks are coming to PS3 on Tuesday, including "V is for Vampire" by Powerman 5000, "Still Alive" by Jonathan Coulton ft. Sara Quin, and "Lethean Tears" by Solution .45. Enjoy!

Valentine’s Day Live Stream

At 5:30pm EST today, Harmonix will be hosting a Valentine's Day Live Stream!

The Official Harmonix Podcast Episode 62 – The Fellowship’s Foot is Broken

Our podcast continues its mad evolution into weirder and weirder places this week.

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Rock Band and the Gold Star My Heart Pack

This Valentine’s Day, Harmonix proudly presents a collection of time-honored tunes about love and heartache… the “Gold Star My Heart Pack”!

New to RBN: 2/9/12

On Valentine's Day, we're bringing 5 of the RBN's most believably romantic songs to PS3! For our Xbox 360 audience, today's release is rather less hearts-and-roses, but perhaps "Welcome to the Skalocaust," "In a Hurricane," "Do Your Thing," or "I'm Dirt" will speak to your special someone. (And, if not, there are 10 more new tracks you could try.) Enjoy!

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