New to RBN: 2/28/13

14 fantastic new songs come out on Xbox 360 today, including new Van Friscia, Cynic, and Chad Smith’s Bombastic Meatbats! PS3 players can look forward Tuesday to more from The Minotaur Project and the PS3 debut of Jason Charles Miller.

The Official Harmonix Podcast Episode 89 – End of an Era

This week on the show, HMXHenry breaks the news that new weekly DLC for Rock Band is coming to an end in April.

Rock Band Music Store to Get Singles from The Flys, Queensrÿche, and Staind!

Four singles are hitting the Rock Band Music Store on February 26th, starting with “Got You (Where I Want You),” The Flys’ first single from their second studio album, 1998’s Holiday Man. Queensrÿche’s epic “Silent Lucidity” – a Grammy-nominated track from the band’s 1990 album, Empire – will also be available. Finally, two tracks from rockers Staind will be available: “It’s Been Awhile,” the lead single from 2001’s Break the Cycle, and “So Far Away,” from 2003’s 14 Shades of Grey!

New to RBN: 2/21/13

It feels like Halloween in February because “Hordes of Zombies” and “10,000 Headless Horses” both come out today on Xbox 360! (The zombies are slower, but the horses can’t figure out where you are, so it’s even money on what’s scarier.) On PS3, look Tuesday for five new songs including music from Emmure and Richard Campbell!

Rock Band Announcement: New DLC Releases Ending In April

Harmonix shares an announcement about Rock Band DLC.

Singles From Barenaked Ladies, Collective Soul, and Fall Out Boy Come to the Rock Band Music Store!

On February 19th, tracks previously available as part of Rock Band Blitz will be made available for download as singles in the Rock Band Music Store! These tracks include Barenaked Ladies’ “One Week,” a re-record of Collective Soul’s “Shine,” and Fall Out Boy’s “A Little Less Sixteen Candles, a Little More ‘Touch Me’”.

New to RBN: 2/14/13

Three new songs come out today on the RBN for Xbox 360, including the second RBN release by Sonic Boom Six. On PS3, keep an eye out Tuesday for five songs including “Dozing Green” by Dir En Grey!

Rock Out With Your Heart on Your Sleeve with Ballads from Extreme, Nazareth, Peter Cetera, REO Speedwagon, and Soft Cell!

For all of the lovers out there this Valentine’s Day, Harmonix presents a collection of music’s greatest rock and pop ballads, coming to the Rock Band Music Store on February 12th!

The Official Harmonix Podcast Episode 88 – My Coworkers, My Game Journalist Colleague, and Me

This week on the show we’ve got a special guest, Justin McElroy. We chat about his latest hoax on the general gaming population of America, and discuss his other job as the Managing Editor at as well. Justin’s a rare creature, like if a snowflake were a panda, clad in corduroy. Strap in and sit back for the ride of your life, this podcast is going to take you to the limit.

New to RBN: 2/7/13

“Bottle Rocket” by Brian Kahanek comes out on Xbox 360 today, along with an RB3 version of “Welcome to Our Town” by Stagehands and more Spanish rock from Lucybell! PS3 players, look out Tuesday for a dark, semi-appropriate set of Valentine’s Day songs including “Naughty Naughty” by John Parr and “A Single Drop of Red (The Gentleman)” by Anarchy Club.

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