Journey, Pat Benatar and SpongeBob DLC

Something old, something new and….something SpongeBob? Sure enough, it’s one of our amazingly diverse DLC packs this week—half classic rock, half brand-new rock, with a surprise third half thrown in.

Nancy is a Punk Rocker: The Hellion’s Tour Diaries, Part 1

I recently came back from my first tour with my band VAGIANT and the very badass boys of Razors in the Night. 

Rock Band Microphones Designed by Reiko Murakami

As any Rock Band singer knows, picking your microphone is crucial. It helps define your character.

Inside South by Southwest

You go to the South by Southwest conference in Austin, TX for a number of reasons—to see bands; do business, see more bands, make contacts, see more bands, and eat more barbeque than you can handle.

Ten Out of Ten: Revisiting Pearl Jam’s Classic Debut

When an album has moved as many people as Pearl Jam’s Ten, it’s near-impossible to tell the whole story.

Rock Band at SXSW- Day One (Showcase at VICE)

HMXVeng, HMXaleX, HMXHenry and HMXJohnD crash land into Austin, Texas for our Showcase, featuring Cut Off Your Hands, Glasvegas, Peter Bjorn and John and the Von well as a lot of Rock Band...with extra Sweet Pete Degrazio!

HMXers' First Concerts: IV

Everyone remembers their first concert experience. It’s a rite of passage for everyone who appreciates music and live performance. In this series of behind-the-scenes articles, we explore the first concert experiences of Harmonix employees. For many HMXers these shows were defining moments in their lives that shaped future careers.

Before the Flood: Bassist Tommy Shannon remembers Stevie Ray Vaughan

You walk into a small club one night, and see a gawky teenager playing some of the hottest blues guitar you’ve ever heard. You decide on the spot that you need to get yourself into that kid’s band…You do, and you start making musical history.

Rock Band Gives Up The Funk (And Then Some)

You thought we already had every kind of music you loved in Rock Band? Not quite: We’re the first to admit we’ve been a little funk-impaired in the past, and we’ve remedied that with a killer three-pack this week.

The Commute From Hell

You’re a hot Boston band with a national buzz, you’ve been on the road and the big hometown gig is coming up. Everything’s going your way—except that your van just broke down.

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