Community Team at 2009 Sundance

HMXSean, HMXHenry, HMXJohnD and Sweet Pete Degrazio from MTV take over Park City, Utah for our Rock Band Lounge at the 2009 Sundance Film Festival!

Dee Art Process

Mr. John Dee has developed an unlikely, inspired approach to creating art for Rock Band.

That's The Way That He Goes: A Talk with Richard Thompson

You mean you’ve never heard of Richard Thompson? Then prepare to meet one of rock’s ultimate cult heroes, and a man who regularly tops polls as one of the greatest guitarists alive.

REM, Offspring, and Richard Thompson DLC

We got punk, we got cult-hero folk-rock, and we got one of the biggest alternative hits ever. Just another incredibly diverse DLC week here at Rock Band.

Tales From the Management Zone

So you think you know what it takes to manage a band? Then think of what you

Mixing on Mardi Gras With Mutemath

They’re a New Orleans band, and they’re in the studio on Mardi Gras: That should tell you all you need to know about Mutemath’s work ethic.

HMXers' First Concerts: Part III

Everyone remembers their first concert experience. It’s a rite of passage for everyone who appreciates music and live performance. In this series of behind-the-scenes articles, we explore the first concert experiences of Harmonix employees. For many HMXers these shows were defining moments in their lives that shaped future careers.

Texas Flood Hits Rock Band

Stevie Ray Vaughan’s classic debut is full-album DLC.

Truckin' With Mike Cooley

Athens, GA’s Drive-By Truckers are one of America’s great, cult-hero rock’n’roll bands, with a string of epic albums to their credit. 

Getting Signed: How To Get Your Demo Past The Intern

In my year as a record label intern, I listened to hundreds of demo CDs of bands from all over the world. Six years later, I can only remember a handful of them.

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