Green Day: Rock Band Release Date Announced!

Green Day Rock Band's release date and cover art have been revealed!

The Diary of Ben: An Interview with Breaking Benjamin’s Ben Burnley

Breaking Benjamin's singer/guitarist Ben Burnley talks to us about music games, songwriting, touring, and more. 


Want to know what RBN tracks the Harmonix employees are buying? Here's the scoop.

RockBandAide Features Exclusive Interviews with RBN Bands Amberian Dawn and Damone

RockBandAide has two exclusive interviews withRBN artists Amberian Dawn and Damone. Check out some highlights of the interviews below and visit for the full interviews and video of Rock Band gameplay of their tracks.

John Drake – The Main Drag, RBN and Promotions at 30,000 Feet

John Drake (aka HMXjohnd) is the Harmonix Communications Manager and Rock Band Network Program Manager. He is currently on the road with 185 pounds of Rock Band gear for the next 3 weeks to staff events in 4 different states. He is also the drummer in The Main Drag, who were responsible for 10% of the content available at the launch of the RBN store yesterday. He is never not firing on all cylinders, but he took the time to start an email interview with us while he was on his way to the airport. 

Rock Band Network Insider’s Look: The Labels

With the release of the Rock Band Network, a bunch of indie labels have jumped at the opportunity to get their music into it, and out in front of new fans. We got a chance to talk to a number of these labels and get their thoughts on RBN. Enjoy getting a peek into what the label side of the RBN process is thinking!

Fell In Love with Some DLC

When I found out what this week’s DLC was going to be, I jumped at the chance to write about it. You see, the White Stripes are one of my Top 5 favorite bands of all time. My tastes in music have always leaned heavily on old stuff; all of my other favorite bands originate in the ‘60s and ‘70s.  But when I discovered what the White Stripes were all about, I was hooked instantly. 

Rock Band Network Music Store Launched!

Welcome to the launch of the Rock Band Network Store! The Rock Band Network Music Store is giving Rock Band fans and music lovers a new avenue to discover music and providing musicians and labels the opportunity to produce and promote tracks for the Rock Band platform.

What is the Rock Band Network?

The RBN allows musicians, labels, and independent authors to release music as playable Rock Band tracks. Not only is this a great way to promote your music and build your community of fans, but you get paid too! Approved tracks become available in the Rock Band Network Store, and the submitter receives a cut of every purchase. Check out this blog post to learn more!

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