The Midnight Interview with Styx and REO Speedwagon

When you’ve been on the road as long as Styx and REO Speedwagon, you live on rock’n’roll time. In fact, the only time we could get Styx singer/guitarist Tommy Shaw and REO singer Kevin Cronin on the phone together was at midnight.

Nothing’s Shocking: The Classic Jane’s Addiction Album Hits DLC

There are at least two ways to immerse yourself in vintage Los Angeles decadence…But the safest is to spend a weekend playing Rock Band with the 1988 Jane’s Addiction classic, Nothing’s Shocking.

Star Trek Ultimate Battle Winner: Timothy Treadwell’s Breakdown

After competing against thousands of bands in the Star Trek Ultimate Battle and signing up for the contest on, Timothy Treadwell’s Breakdown won with 1,574,635 points.

I Got A Free Bird For Ya, Buddy: Dealing With Hecklers

If you’ve played a lot of Rock Band, you know what happens when the band screws up a song: the audience boos, the singer throws a little hissy-fit with the microphone, everybody gives the drummer a dirty look, and the band gets to try again.

Free Music! “Oxytocin” Presents the Other Side of Harmonix

If you've heard some of the Harmonix-associated bands who've made it into Rock Band, you might assume that we spend all our time playing guitars, pumping our fists. And of course, you‘re right…up to a point. But this place is a hotbed of musicians, and our taste can get pretty far-ranging. Lots of us are into hip-hop, electronica, and other sounds that wouldn't  fit so easily into the game.

Been There, Made That: Rock Band Venues

We’ve covered the last venue in Rock Band 2 – the gorgeous Shanghai Arena – but before players reach the final stage they have to play a lot of smaller spots.

Summer Rockin’ Preview: Styx and REO Speedwagon

This week we’re taking a direct flight to classic-rock heaven. Two of rock’s longest-running, hardest-working bands, Styx and REO Speedwagon, are joining forces this summer for the “Can’t Stop Rockin’” tour, which we’re pumped to be co-sponsoring.

Hautewerk Three-Pack: Indie Pop With Added Jangle

Three tracks from jangly pop band Hautewerk hit the Rock Band Store.

Most Likely to Succeed: The Hellion's Tour Diaries, Part 3

I know that lots of things have changed since I was in high school. Nominated for a Webby Award has been nominated for Best Games-Related Site in the 2009 Webby Awards. Show your support in the Webby

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