Guns N’ Roses’ Chinese Democracy Hits Rock Band

It may have taken Axl Rose more a decade to create his rock’n’roll epic, but the complete album hits Rock Band in record time, just five months after its release.

On Tour and In Trouble: The Hellion’s Tour Diaries, Part 2

About two years ago, my band VAGIANT was approached by our Number One Superfan, an affable chap named Wes, about playing a show in a hotel for his birthday party in Virginia.

Rock Band Unplugged Coming to the PSP

Just what we knew you needed: A chance to carry Rock Band everywhere you go! The PSP version of music's hippest game is here, complete with the Rock Band features you've come to love.

Live From Harmonix, It’s Jimmy Eat World

Jimmy Eat World drops by the Harmonix offices to play some Rock Band and chat with us about unruly crowds.

Rock Judge Manifesto

If you’re reading this your band has already qualified (or is about to qualify) to get ripped apart by me after your performance...

Community Team Inside Abbey Road

The HMX Community Team has been in some pretty unbelievable spots lately

Beer for Your Horses (And Metal for Yo' Mama): Toby Keith, Black Tide, Bullet For My Valentine and The Shins

This week we at Rock Band have just one important question to ask: “Who’s Your Daddy?" Or to put it more specifically: What other game would give you a six-pack of Toby Keith hits, and release dark metal and alternative pop gems on the same day?

Don't Go On The Boat: the Promotional Party

So you’ve just released your first CD (or record, or download, or piece of fancy cardboard). Great! Now you’ve got to make sure people know about it.

DPS: Community On The Road

The HMX PR/Community team was more than happy to escape the frozen tundra of Cambridge and spend a few days (or at least parts of a few days) in the bright Arizona sunshine.

Tales of Extreme Fandom #1 - Meet Contest Winners Plastallica

Not everyone can win a car by playing Rock Band...these guys did.