Perverse Diversity: Ministry, Zombies, Cranberries DLC

We thought we were pushing the envelope last summer, when we introduced Jimmy Buffett and Disturbed DLC the same week. But this week’s DLC just might outdo it.

How to Win Fans and Influence People: Projecting “Rockability” Onstage

A few years before I started working at Harmonix, I got into this big argument with my roommate at the time over who should be called the “greatest front man in history.” I said Iggy Pop; she said Jason Kendall of the Amazing Royal Crowns.

Harrahs Finals

Revealing costumes! Tackiest puns in band names ever! And wall to wall rock attitude! All here in the last videos from our Rock Band competition.

Harmonix Pepsi Videos

Create a music video and enter for a chance to win a moon man!

Music & Youth Initiative Charity Auction – Bid on an Original Piece by Harmonix Artist John Dee

Bid on one-of-a-kind items in the Music & Youth Initiative online charity auction, including an original piece of artwork by Harmonix artist John Dee.

Alice Cooper Slashes Up Rock Band

We can’t promise better scores on the Alice Cooper pack if you wear lots of dark makeup and put a live boa constrictor around your neck. But it definitely wouldn’t hurt.

Rock The World, Pass The Twizzlers: A Crash Course in Tour-Bus Survival

The tour is about to begin, the open road is calling, and for the next couple of weeks, the tour bus (or van, or RV, or really crowded Volkswagen) is going to be your home.

Avatar Contest Winner

All of us advanced beings at the far end of the time-space continuum were much impressed by your futuristic entries in our Star Trek contest.

Social Distortion, Elvis Costello, Steely Dan and Disturbed DLC

A wide variety of DLC comes to Rock Band this week - Steely Dan, Disturbed, The Replacements, Elvis Costello and a three-pack from Social Distortion.

Total Rock, Total Rewards 2009: National Finals!

I just left Las Vegas again to help get another Rock Band tour off the ground (Can't Stop Rockin' w/ REO SpeedWagon & Styx). Fear not though, we're about to throw up the horns and stage dive face first into the Total Rock, Total Rewards 2009 Finals.

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