Sunlight, Steel, and Thunder: An Interview with Amberian Dawn

How many Amberian Dawn fans are there in the US?  The number grows every day as more people discover this unique symphonic metal band on the Rock Band Network.  In this interview, Heidi Parvianen, Tuomas Seppälä, and Tommi Kuri chat about their music, their history, their upcoming third album, and their enthusiasm for the Rock Band Network.

Rock Band 3 News with Lead Designer Dan Teasdale

Rock Band 3 lead designer Dan Teasdale introduces the design team, who will be sharing details about Rock Band 3 over the next few months. 

More Grateful Dead Tracks Come to Rock Band, Plus The Smithereens Make Their Rock Band Debut

Get out your tie-dyed shirts and your bell bottom pants. We’re bringing you more Grateful Dead next week! Plus two tracks from The Smithereens!

New to RBN: 5/14/10

Check out the tracks new to the Rock Band Network this week, including tracks from The Acacia Strain, Bang Camaro, a t o m, and Rose of Jericho. Five more tracks also come to the PlayStation 3 including All That Remains and Amberian Dawn!

Rock Band Nights in Germany

Have you ever asked yourself, “what's going on with Rock Band all over the world?” Good question! Today let's talk aboutRock Band in Germany.

Nothing Like Mozart: An Interview with World Minus One

Jaek Pachniak, Sara Brauer, and Adam Granatella of World Minus One discuss their music, their track in Rock Band, their experience with the Rock Band Network, and how Adam got bitten by an alligator in his living room.


Check out this week's RBN picks, including tracks from Tumbledown, Scratching The Itch, and more!

Judas Priest Brings All of British Steel Live Album to Rock Band

Judas Priest toured through the summer of 2009, celebrating the 30th anniversary of the British Steel album by playing it live in its entirety every night. Now fans can celebrate too by playing live versions of all nine tracks from the album in Rock Band

New to RBN: 5/7/10

New tracks added to the Rock Band Network this week from The Main Drag, Finger Eleven, Band of Horses, and more! Plus new RBN tracks coming to PlayStation 3!

The Official Harmonix Rock Band Podcast Episode 16 – “Good Job Makin’ It”

Happy Cinco de Mayo everyone! We’ve got a very long and festive podcast for you this week. Pope starts off this week with a “So You Want to Be…” interview with Jim Toepel, QC Manager for Harmonix’s hardware department.