The Paramore Exception

Frequent forum poster and Paramore superfan Cipher_Peon shares with us why he's so excited about this week's Paramore DLC.

Paramore Returns to Rock Band!

In 2009, Paramore released their third record, Brand New Eyes, to critical acclaim and chart-topping success. Three tracks from the album, which held strong on the Billboard 200 for over 30 weeks, are coming to Rock Band on May 15th!

New to RBN: 5/10/12

This coming Tuesday, check out 5 RBN songs on PS3 by artists including Less Than Jake, Close Your Eyes, and Nordheim! Also, 6 new songs released today on Xbox 360, including “Impulse” by An Endless Sporadic.

From Licensing to Release: The Life of a DLC Pack

Over the years we’ve replied to a lot of threads and published a lot of blog articles discussing the work that goes on behind the scenes of the Rock Band DLC, but we’ve never really given a thorough step–by-step look at the process of getting new songs into the game. With the help of our Music Ops team, the Digital Publishing team and Audio Quality Assurance team (AQuA for short), we’ve compiled this timeline. If you’ve ever been interested in where your DLC comes from, or wondered how long it takes from start to finish, or asked why we got Song X instead of Song Y, then read on!

How I Raged Against the Machine, Quietly

HMX Alum Sean discusses the magic of angry music with this week's release of Rage Against the Machine.

The Official Harmonix Podcast Episode 68 – Get A Job

Jobs are a hot button issue these days, and as we are always on the bleeding edge of current events in our podcast, this is our subject today.

Rage Against the Machine Returns to Rock Band!

In the 1990s, Rage Against the Machine took mainstream music by storm, with a heavy punk/metal/funk sound backed by vocalist Zack de la Rocha’s fiery political rhymes. Three of their most popular tracks are coming to the Rock Band Music Store on May 8.

New to RBN: 5/3/12

New to the RBN: Less Than Jake, Harbour Grace, and fan-favorite Honest Bob and the Factory-to-Dealer Incentives bring new songs to Xbox 360 this week! Additionally, we have an all-star lineup coming out on PS3 Tuesday including songs by A Day to Remember and Anarchy Club.

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