Evanescence Three-Pack in the Rock Band Store

All Rock Band women finally have their chance to be the dark and dazzling Amy Lee — and so do the guys; we won’t tell.

Lessons Learned from E3

I had the surreal experience of attending my first E3 this year. Coworkers tried to prepare me for the flurry of activity and chaos that would occur, but I’m more of an experiential learner, so I ignored all of their advice.

MTV Coast to Coast! Or, The Beatles: Rock Band Tour 2009

It’s always nice to keep our loving, big brother (MTV Games) in the loop about what we’ve been up to here in the Harmonix floating sky fortress of doom and awesomeness.

Rock Band Gets Tapped! Spinal Tap Hits Rock Band, and Nigel Tufnel Talks

Spinal Tap's Nigel Tufnel chats with Harmonix's Brett Milano about their new album and upcoming world tour.

Pepsi Booth E3 Recap

Hey gang, Kyle here again. Last time I was writing for The ‘Zine I was recapping the Harrah’s Total Rock, Total Rewards tourney. This time around I’m stopping by with some choice tidbits from E3 2009.

Raqmo: A Gift & A Curse

During the short period of time between Rock Band & Rock Band 2 the art team worked creating promotional art collaborating with each other and mixing up the different styles found in Rock Band.

Be My Stevie and I'll Be Your Lindsey: To Date or Not To Date Your Bandmates

At some point it's bound to happen: your band's at rehearsal (assuming you bother to rehearse) or maybe playing a gig. You take a sidelong glance at your guitarist as her fingers slide smoothly up and down the neck of her beaten-up old Strat, or at the drummer's glistening shirtless torso as he works up a serious sweat keeping the beat that your bassist can't seem to find.

A List of What Goes On Behind The Scenes In No Particular Order

You’ve passed thru the door of “Abbey Road Studios”, were wowed by The Beatles Rock Band and the mad skills of our demo stage team.

Starlight VIP Party with HMX

It’s true that E3 is loads of work, but we here at Harmonix believe in a zen-like balance of work and play in our lives.

Demo Time ALL the Time.

You know what’s awesome? Standing on stage giving a presentation to 80 jaded game journalists who are suffering stimuli fatigue from bright flashing lights, loud noises, FPS motion sickness, and greasy PR people and seeing them walk out after the presentation with contented happy smiles on their faces.