Rancid DLC Three-Pack

Two classic Rancid tracks are joined by a new track to make up a must-play three-pack.

Rise Against DLC Three-Pack

Give your singer some space when you play the three-pack of Rise Against songs: This is smart, topically-charged  punk rock, with lyrics that are really sayin’ something.

52 Weeks Summer School

52 Weeks is off this week for summer vacation chillaxing on the beach, sipping on mojitos out of a big jug while being fanned by a team of cheer leaders and record executives.

A Touch of A Touch of Evil: New Live Judas Priest DLC

Three tracks from Judas Priest's new live album A Touch of Evil come to the Rock Band music store.

Big Dipper DLC: A Muse to Legends

Three DLC tracks from Boston's own Big Dipper join the Rock Band music store.

The Dead Weather Makes Their Rock Band Debut: Jack White’s New Band Launches Tour with Three-Pack DLC

A three-pack of DLC from rock supergroup The Dead Weather, featuring members of the White Stripes, The Kills, QOTSA and The Raconteurs.

Living Large When You're Not: How To Live Like A Rock Star On A Budget

You've finished your encore; underwear litters the stage and everyone's standing up screaming - on tables, on the bar, on their boyfriend's shoulders. You're ushered offstage where - what's this? - French 75 cocktails and Turkish cotton hand towels wait to quench the fevered sweat from your exhausted bodies.

Atlanta, Kitchen Appliances & Limbs: A Conversation With Peaches

We sat down with Peaches to discuss inspirations for the doohickeys with interchangeable limbs and attitudes.

Green Day’s Monolith Hits Rock Band: Three-Pack Brings Highlights from 21st Century Breakdown

Three tracks from Green Day's 21st Century Breakdown come to Rock Band as DLC.

Metal, Mayhem and Rock Band: Eight Tracks of Fearsome DLC

You know those nice little rock tours where you bring the whole family, picnic in the sun, and everyone has a nice wholesome little time? Well, the Mayhem Festival isn’t one of those.