Beastie Boys, Heart, James Brown, & Rufus (ft. Chaka Khan) Bring Singles to Rock Band

This week, the Rock Band DLC release features funk, hip hop, and classic rock with 4 amazing artists - Beastie Boys, James Brown, Heart, & Rufus (ft. Chaka Khan).

New to RBN: 7/28/11

The Rock Band Network brings 19 new tracks to the Xbox 360 this week, including such versatile offerings as keys renditions of two Beethoven pieces, "Very Busy People" by the Limousines, and the long-awaited return of Free Spirit! With 11 of these new tracks priced at 80 MSP, it's the perfect time to pick up some new music. Plus we bring tracks from A Day to Remember, Amberian Dawn, and more Rock Band Network favorites to PlayStation 3.

The Official Harmonix Podcast Episode 48 – Secrets & Swears

As a follow up to our last podcast, we pulled our audio engineer, Nick, in on the action to go in depth on the ins and outs of home brewing beer.

Rock Band Hits 3,000 Songs!

Today, the Rock Band song library reached 3,000 songs. Get a peek at what makes up the library!

Enter to Win in our 3,000 Song Giveaway!

The Rock Band library has hit 3,000 songs with this week's release of Yes! To celebrate, we're giving away 3,000 songs!

RBN Highlights 7

Get recommendations on the recent Rock Band Network releases from the RBN community. This week was a great week for guitar players with solos an HOPOs galore. Plus, a song written from the point of view of a whiskey bottle.

Just Check Yes: A Music Love Story

Chris Foster, a design director at Harmonix, shares his love for Yes to celebrate our 5-pack of DLC coming from the epic band.

Yes Returns to Rock Band with a Five-Pack of DLC!

Yes returns to Rock Band with a five-pack of hits including "Owner of a Lonely Heart," "Heart of the Sunrise," and more!

New to RBN: 7/21/11

Today's RBN release specializes in finger-melting metal, featuring tracks from Chaotrope, Devin Townsend, and Soilwork! If you prefer your fingers intact, try the new pop-rock songs from Rose of Jericho or Dan Rothery instead.

Rock Band at Warped Tour 2011

The Harmonix Community Team heads to Warped Tour 2011 as it rolls into Boston. We grabbed some fun interviews with a bunch of bands that are in the Rock Band Network.

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