Feel the Pain: The True Story of a Forum Poster''s Quest for a Sweet Tattoo

I have tattoos, many of which I even received while sober. And I was thirsty for more. And no tattoo magazine, artist's portfolio, or Tiny Toons sticker book could quench this proverbial thirst with the inspirado I was seeking.

I Want To Rock And Roll All Day… And Play My Console All Night

What games do Harmonixers play? That varies wildly from person to person and from season to season.

Further Down the Bench with Ian Anderson

Part two of our interview with Jethro Tull's Ian Anderson covers everything from his memorable show at Shea Stadium to his feelings on video games.

The Beatles: Rock Band at Fenway Park

The HMX Community Team hosted The Beatles: Rock Band set ups at two recent Paul McCartney shows at Fenway Park… here’s what they saw.

We Say More, More, More: New Jet, Tom Petty's Debut, More Mac and Idol, and Our First Beatle!

Hits from Tom Petty, Fleetwood Mac, and Billy Idol, plus a new single from Jet land in the Rock Band music store today.

HMX Bands Showcase: How To Go From Work To A Gig In Style

Last Thursday, Jessica pulled together six Harmonix bands including Abnomality, Thief Thief, Breaking Wheel, Death of the Cool, That Handsome Devil and Bang Camaro for a night of awesome music at The Middle East right across the street from the Harmonix offices.

On the Park Bench with Jethro Tull’s Ian Anderson

Jethro Tull frontman Ian Anderson doesn’t like virtual music games - or any other kind of game, for that matter - but that didn’t stop him from giving us the longest and most wide-ranging interview we’ve yet had on the site. In Part One, he discusses his preference for playing acoustic over electric guitar, the upcoming non-Tull band tour, and reveals what was the worst song he ever wrote.

An Inside Look At RBN Tools With Damian

When I first heard that they were looking for people at Harmonix who weren’t in the audio department to try their hand at authoring songs for the Rock Band Network, I jumped at the chance.

More Foo Fighters DLC

Want more Foo Fighters in Rock Band? Here's three more tracks to keep you rockin'.

All Hits, All the Time: DLC Classics by Blur, Dropkicks, Eve 6, Blind Melon, Kaiser Chiefs

Hit singles from five great bands come to Rock Band.

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