Welcome to the Internet: How Not to Suck at Web Promotion

You've always thought your band had a decent interweb presence. You’ve got a good amount of friends on the Facespaces out there, most of which reside in your town. So what’s up with the tumbleweed gigs?

Harmonix on the Road at QVC

The Harmonix team took The Beatles: Rock Band to QVC's studios in West Chester, PA to do three LIVE shows demoing the game. We got very little sleep.

Starlight Children's Foundation Visits Harmonix

A few weeks ago, a group of children and their families arrived at Harmonix for a day of Rock Band, cookies, and a sneak peek at The Beatles: Rock Band.

Gorillaz Attack Rock Band: Virtual Hip-Hop Superstars Meet Virtual Music Game

Cartoon characters playing instruments in a make-believe band? Hey, wish we’d thought of that! Seriously, folks, we’re big fans of Gorillaz.

It Was 40 Years Ago: A Mud-Free Woodstock Festival on Rock Band

So you always wished there was more ‘60s music in Rock Band? This week’s package features four '60s icons; three of which are making their Rock Band debut.

Kurt’s Magic Box: A Life in Ticket Stubs

What would it take to locate the ticket stubs of every concert you’ve ever been to?

Behind the Scenes: Face Melts and Wise Words from Kurt of The Konks

HMXThrasher provides an insider's viewpoint of a fellow HMXer's live show, plus an exclusive interview with The Konks frontman Kurt Davis.

This One Goes to Eleven! The Spinal Tap Ten Pack…And Then Some

Our second Spinal Tap DLC pack truly goes to eleven.

The Beatles: Rock Band European Press Tour

In July, the Harmonix crew took The Beatles: Rock Band on its first big tour around Europe.

Backstages We Have Known: True Stories From the Rock and Roll Depths!

They can be some of the dingiest, God-forsaken spaces you

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