Rock Band 3 Release Date and Six More Songs Announced at Comic-Con

Big news came from this year's Comic-Con panel featuring Harmonix and MTV Games - we announced six more tracks from the 83-song setlist! 

Ladies of Rock Band

Looking for more female-fronted music in Rock Band? Check out this list of all the lovely ladies available in the Rock Band Music Store or on Rock BandRock Band 2, or LEGO Rock Band!


Check out this week's RBN tracks recommended by HMXers and the RBN community, including Jonathan Coulton, Day of Fire, Amberian Dawn, XTT, and more!

Exhausted Insanity and Boy Scouts - One Girl's Comic-Con Tale

Trying to summarize our adventure to Comic-Con – which was Harmonix’s first time on the floor and my first Community trip – is one of the most daunting things I’ve done to date at this job.  In some ways, a string of words would almost work better: long lines, thick crowds, loud noises, super short skirts, scary monsters, cute monsters, achy legs, but most importantly: lots of fun.

Warped Tour 2010 Photo Roundup

HMXThrasher, HMXHenry, and special guests HMXColby and HMXHenry's brother, hit Warped Tour last week to chat with your favorite Rock Band bands and get some awesome photos. 

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