Blood Sugar Sex Magik

Chili Peppers History 101: The Lowdown on Blood Sugar Sex Magik


52 Weeks to Rock Introduction

The year was 1982. I don’t remember where I was, but my family didn’t have cable, so I must’ve been at a babysitter’s house after nursery school.

Double Interview Day: Megadeth and Airbourne

We talk with Dave Mustaine of Megadeth and Ryan O’Keeffe of Airbourne.

Beast of Burden: Concept art by Steven Kimura

When a player wins the Impossible Vocal Challenge in Rock Band 2, a special outfit - known as the Beast of Burden - is unlocked. Harmonix Artist Steven Kimura wanted this garment to represent what many consider to be the deepest, purest strain in the genre: Norwegian Black Metal.

Rush’s Moving Pictures Full Album DLC and More

The day has finally come - Rush's Moving Pictures album is now available as DLC. Also available this week are six individual tracks from bands like Bad Religion and The Cult.

Rock Band 2 TV Spot

Rock Band 2 debuted yesterday on XBox 360!


Hope you're all doing well and shacking with antici....pation for Rock Band 2 to drop officially in just an hour and a half. I'm astounded and excited that all of the hard work we've done and all the feedback you guys have provided is finally being churned out on a real gods-honest videogame. ROCK!

What are you guys still wondering about?

Hey everyone:

Finished writing my epic blog update, and realized maybe you guys would want to ask a few followup questions with regards to Rock Band 2. So I figured I'd make a blog post here.

Megadeth Full Album DLC

Megadeth full album download plus tracks from Rock Band Tour bands the Cab, Dashboard Confessional, Panic at the Disco and Plain White T's. 

Nikki Sixx Gives Us The Dirt

Mötley Crüe Bassist Talks With Harmonix Editor Brett Milano.

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