Pearl Jam Takes It Forward With Backspacer

Entire New Album Debuts as Rock Band DLC!

Metal on Metal on Metal: Anvil is Real and Rock Band’s Got ‘Em

Three-pack of DLC from metal band Anvil.

Four Decades of DLC: Guess Who to Dino Jr. to Tenacious D

Check out two tracks each from Dinosaur Jr., Tenacious D, and The Guess Who.

Empty-Room Syndrome: How to Handle a Tiny Crowd...Or Lose the One You’ve Got

When your friends in a band come back from their first tour, they’ll probably go on about that one ill-attended disaster show. “Oh man, Cleveland was the worst—we played to nobody”.

The Origin of a Species: HMXers’ First Video Games (Part 2)

At the end of Part 1, I promised you a malaria story if you came back for Part 2 of the series. Welcome back!

HMX Desks: Robotkid

It comes as no surprise that the Robotkid has lots of mechanical friends hanging out with him in his office and on his desk.

The Beatles: Rock Band In Stores Now!

The Beatles: Rock Band features 45 songs from The Beatles and the classic Rock Band gameplay you know and love.

ABC, AFI, 3DD...and Audioslave!

The King of Pop meets kings of modern rock in DLC package.

We Got More Rokk: Freezepop Times Three

Three new tracks from Freezepop join the Rock Band store.

Rock Band Goes to PAX, You Get the Music!

Jonathan Coulton, MC Frontalot, and Paul & Storm in PAX-themed DLC three-pack.