Author: Brett Milano

Guns N’ Roses’ Chinese Democracy Hits Rock Band

It may have taken Axl Rose more a decade to create his rock’n’roll epic, but the complete album hits Rock Band in record time, just five months after its release.

Beer for Your Horses (And Metal for Yo' Mama): Toby Keith, Black Tide, Bullet For My Valentine and The Shins

This week we at Rock Band have just one important question to ask: “Who’s Your Daddy?" Or to put it more specifically: What other game would give you a six-pack of Toby Keith hits, and release dark metal and alternative pop gems on the same day?

Journey, Pat Benatar and SpongeBob DLC

Something old, something new and….something SpongeBob? Sure enough, it’s one of our amazingly diverse DLC packs this week—half classic rock, half brand-new rock, with a surprise third half thrown in.

Rock Band Gives Up The Funk (And Then Some)

You thought we already had every kind of music you loved in Rock Band? Not quite: We’re the first to admit we’ve been a little funk-impaired in the past, and we’ve remedied that with a killer three-pack this week.

Before the Flood: Bassist Tommy Shannon remembers Stevie Ray Vaughan

You walk into a small club one night, and see a gawky teenager playing some of the hottest blues guitar you’ve ever heard. You decide on the spot that you need to get yourself into that kid’s band…You do, and you start making musical history.

REM, Offspring, and Richard Thompson DLC

We got punk, we got cult-hero folk-rock, and we got one of the biggest alternative hits ever. Just another incredibly diverse DLC week here at Rock Band.

That's The Way That He Goes: A Talk with Richard Thompson

You mean you’ve never heard of Richard Thompson? Then prepare to meet one of rock’s ultimate cult heroes, and a man who regularly tops polls as one of the greatest guitarists alive.

Texas Flood Hits Rock Band

Stevie Ray Vaughan’s classic debut is full-album DLC.

Truckin' With Mike Cooley

Athens, GA’s Drive-By Truckers are one of America’s great, cult-hero rock’n’roll bands, with a string of epic albums to their credit. 

Alt Country & Jimmy Eat World DLC

Remember the “Rock band Goes Country” track that we unveiled last month? A lot of you were shocked and stunned at the idea, but wound up loving the stuff anyway.