Author: Fish McGill

The Art of Harmonix Artist Mitch Fletcher

Harmonix Artist Mitch Fletcher knew he wanted to work on video games way back in seventh grade. After encountering concept art in a video game hint manual the very idea of working as an artist in games appealed to him

The Work of Harmonix Artist Kerry Roan

Kerry sat down with us to show some of his work and talk about how he got his start at Harmonix.

The Work of Harmonix Artist Matt Perlot

Matt Perlot, or Perly to his fellow HMXers, bears a striking resemblance to the angular characters he deftly draws at work. Just like Perly his characters say a lot with only a little, giving clues to a deeper back story.

HMXHenry’s Desk aka A Man Crush Interview Come True

I am always on the lookout for a chance to visit with HMXHenry and sneak in a discussion about some of the X-Men toys on his desk, give him a drawing or a high five.

HMX Bands Showcase: How To Go From Work To A Gig In Style

Last Thursday, Jessica pulled together six Harmonix bands including Abnomality, Thief Thief, Breaking Wheel, Death of the Cool, That Handsome Devil and Bang Camaro for a night of awesome music at The Middle East right across the street from the Harmonix offices.

52 Weeks Summer School

52 Weeks is off this week for summer vacation chillaxing on the beach, sipping on mojitos out of a big jug while being fanned by a team of cheer leaders and record executives.

Atlanta, Kitchen Appliances & Limbs: A Conversation With Peaches

We sat down with Peaches to discuss inspirations for the doohickeys with interchangeable limbs and attitudes.

Raqmo: A Gift & A Curse

During the short period of time between Rock Band & Rock Band 2 the art team worked creating promotional art collaborating with each other and mixing up the different styles found in Rock Band.

Dee Art Process

Mr. John Dee has developed an unlikely, inspired approach to creating art for Rock Band.

Exclusive John Dee Guitar Case Artwork Auctioned for Charity

A perfect storm occurred at Harmonix last week when a dirty microwave somewhat randomly signed by the company crossed paths with a high end guitar case en route to Seattle for Penny Arcade’s annual fund raiser for Child’s Play Charity.