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Rock Band is Throwing Variety at You Like Whoa

We have a variety of singles for you next week in the Rock Band Music Store, including some new fantastic lady-fronted band tracks and a whole mess of Rock Band debuts. 

There Can Be Only One: A Week of Rock Band Singles

This week we have tracks from Skillet, Thousand Foot Krutch, Anberlin, and more!

Sad Song? More Like Rad Song!

It’s hard to believe that Otis Redding died at 26 years old. That means that by the time he was two years younger than me, he’d already written some of the most loved soul songs of all time.

Yeehaw, ya’ll! More Country!

This week, the rest of the songs that were exclusive to the Country Track Pack are coming for download in the Rock Band Music Store. I do declare, a lot of folks are gonna be excited about this one.

Mo' Metal, No Problem

Six new metal tracks are coming to Rock Band next week from bands like Blue Öyster Cult, Rage Against the Machine, and I Mother Earth.

Tom Petty Rocks My Heart, but There’s Room For Phoenix Too!

Six more Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers tracks come to the Rock Band store, plus two tracks from French rockers Phoenix and a single from Silvertide.

McCartney Mania!

Three songs from Paul McCartney’s Good Evening New York City live album will be available for Rock Band in January. The album was recorded at McCartney’s historic performances at New York’s Citi Field and is available as a CD/DVD package or as a deluxe version featuring extra content.

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