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Less Than Jake Interview

HMXHenry interviews Less Than Jake before they add two songs to the Rock Band Network.

From Licensing to Release: The Life of a DLC Pack

Over the years we’ve replied to a lot of threads and published a lot of blog articles discussing the work that goes on behind the scenes of the Rock Band DLC, but we’ve never really given a thorough step–by-step look at the process of getting new songs into the game. With the help of our Music Ops team, the Digital Publishing team and Audio Quality Assurance team (AQuA for short), we’ve compiled this timeline. If you’ve ever been interested in where your DLC comes from, or wondered how long it takes from start to finish, or asked why we got Song X instead of Song Y, then read on!

The Pauses' "Go North" Unboxing Video

RBN band The Pauses created the ultimate unboxing video for their new track "Go North."

The I Love Rock And Roll Battle

Pax East Panel – A Reverse Q&A with the Harmonix Community Team

“Do It For Fun, Don’t Count the Money” – Words of Wisdom from The Bouncing Souls

Early this summer we stormed the Warped Tour and got a chance to talk with some awesome bands about the Rock Band Network. The Bouncing Souls were prime interview candidates: they had just released their track "Gasoline" in RBN and they just happen to be one of my favorite punk bands around today.

The Killers, Yngwie Malmsteen and more DLC

Two 3-packs from The Killers and Yngwie Malmsteen, plus tracks from Soundgarden and Lamb of God.

Dead Kennedys, Mission of Burma and more DLC

Three-packs from the Dead Kennedys and Mission of Burma, plus metal girls and Crooked X.

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