Author: Sean Baptiste

How I Raged Against the Machine, Quietly

HMX Alum Sean discusses the magic of angry music with this week's release of Rage Against the Machine.

Tim Converse: 100% Committed to Rock Band

HMX Alum Sean Baptiste talks with Tim Converse, the Rock Band 3 player that has completed all the goals in RB3.

The Glowing Stars: Professional Music, Game Controller

Matt Payne of The Glowing Stars uses a Rock Band 3 keyboard controller on stage in his band. In this article he tells us all about it and then talks to HMX Alum Sean Baptiste about the band and their history.

Where Men Chunder: Men At Work

HMX Alum Sean discusses Australian slang and the three hit singles in this week's Rock Band DLC.

Presidential DLC

Enjoy some Presidents of the United States of America DLC in honor of Election Day. 

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