Author: Brett Milano

The Dance Epidemic is Here: Electric Six Wants You!

Three tracks from dance-rockers Electric Six come to Rock Band.

Get Schooled by the Masters: iVideosongs Brings the Experts to Rock Band!

So you’ve mastered “Painkiller” on Expert, you nailed the harmony vocals on The Beatles: Rock Band, and you just know that with a little direction you could be slaying a real-life crowd like your rock heroes do?

How Not To Pick Up A Member of The Donnas And More From Torry Castellano

Torry Castellano, drummer for The Donnas, chats about being in a band at thirteen, touring at seventeen, and meeting Gene Simmons at eighteen. She also shares valuable info on how not to hit on a girl in a band.

Alice Unchained: New & Classic DLC Straight Outta Seattle

Rock Band welcomes five tracks - two new and three classics - from Seattle rockers Alice in Chains

DLC Singles: Just Kait and Just Kula

DLC singles from Just Kait and Kula Shaker come to Rock Band.

From the Bench to the Stage with Ian Anderson

The final installment of our three-part interview with Jethro Tull's Ian Anderson.

Week #51: The Pre-Graduation Rock & Roll Checklist

Congratulations, rockers: Your first year in a band is nearly over!

Rock Band’s Backstage Interview: Mike McCready of Pearl Jam!

The 28th of last month was a banner day for Pearl Jam: They played to an ecstatic crowd at the Outside Lands festival at Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, slaying the crowd with two hours’ worth of classics and new songs.

Pearl Jam Takes It Forward With Backspacer

Entire New Album Debuts as Rock Band DLC!

Empty-Room Syndrome: How to Handle a Tiny Crowd...Or Lose the One You’ve Got

When your friends in a band come back from their first tour, they’ll probably go on about that one ill-attended disaster show. “Oh man, Cleveland was the worst—we played to nobody”.