Author: Brett Milano

Kurt’s Magic Box: A Life in Ticket Stubs

What would it take to locate the ticket stubs of every concert you’ve ever been to?

This One Goes to Eleven! The Spinal Tap Ten Pack…And Then Some

Our second Spinal Tap DLC pack truly goes to eleven.

Backstages We Have Known: True Stories From the Rock and Roll Depths!

They can be some of the dingiest, God-forsaken spaces you

Damone DLC

For the second week in a row, we’re throwing three three-packs at you at once…and then throwing in something extra.

Blink-182 DLC

Modern rock history was made on May 14th of this year, when Blink-182 played its first show in four years. 

KISS DLC Three-Pack Featuring Live Tracks

Break out your black & white facepaint - three live KISS tracks from their Dressed to Kill tour in 1975 are now available for Rock Band.

Second Weezer Three-Pack Comes to Rock Band

Weezer and Rock Band are old friends by now: Weezer’s hit “Buddy Holly” was one of the first songs we ever rolled out as DLC and we did a three-pack of tunes last summer. That still leaves a batch of essential Weezer tracks that we hadn’t gotten to yet, and we’re glad to be plugging three of those holes this week.

New Lush Single DLC

A single from Lush joins three three-packs to complete this week's DLC.

Kings of Leon DLC Three-Pack

Three tracks from rockers Kings of Leon join the Rock Band Music Store.

Rancid DLC Three-Pack

Two classic Rancid tracks are joined by a new track to make up a must-play three-pack.