Author: Brett Milano

Rise Against DLC Three-Pack

Give your singer some space when you play the three-pack of Rise Against songs: This is smart, topically-charged  punk rock, with lyrics that are really sayin’ something.

A Touch of A Touch of Evil: New Live Judas Priest DLC

Three tracks from Judas Priest's new live album A Touch of Evil come to the Rock Band music store.

Big Dipper DLC: A Muse to Legends

Three DLC tracks from Boston's own Big Dipper join the Rock Band music store.

The Dead Weather Makes Their Rock Band Debut: Jack White’s New Band Launches Tour with Three-Pack DLC

A three-pack of DLC from rock supergroup The Dead Weather, featuring members of the White Stripes, The Kills, QOTSA and The Raconteurs.

Green Day’s Monolith Hits Rock Band: Three-Pack Brings Highlights from 21st Century Breakdown

Three tracks from Green Day's 21st Century Breakdown come to Rock Band as DLC.

Foreigner DLC Three-Pack Comes to Rock Band

Juke box heroes and hot-blooded headknockers, rejoice! You asked for more Foreigner and you got it.

Pearl Jam Three-Pack Hits Rock Band Music Store

Three more Pearl Jam tracks come to the Rock Band Music Store, including two live tracks.

Three from Maroon 5: Pop-Soul Sensation Hits Rock Band

So you think you’ve got a set of pipes that can match Maroon 5 singer Adam Levine? Now’s your chance to put them to the test.

Evanescence Three-Pack in the Rock Band Store

All Rock Band women finally have their chance to be the dark and dazzling Amy Lee — and so do the guys; we won’t tell.

Rock Band Gets Tapped! Spinal Tap Hits Rock Band, and Nigel Tufnel Talks

Spinal Tap's Nigel Tufnel chats with Harmonix's Brett Milano about their new album and upcoming world tour.