Author: Brett Milano

Iron Maiden DLC

We’ve kept you waiting so long for an Iron Maiden package that even a six-pack wouldn’t be enough. So prepare yourself for the Iron Maiden 12-pack, gathering metal landmarks from 1982’s “The Number of the Beast” to a quartet of scorching, brand-new live tracks.

Perverse Diversity: Ministry, Zombies, Cranberries DLC

We thought we were pushing the envelope last summer, when we introduced Jimmy Buffett and Disturbed DLC the same week. But this week’s DLC just might outdo it.

Harrahs Finals

Revealing costumes! Tackiest puns in band names ever! And wall to wall rock attitude! All here in the last videos from our Rock Band competition.

Alice Cooper Slashes Up Rock Band

We can’t promise better scores on the Alice Cooper pack if you wear lots of dark makeup and put a live boa constrictor around your neck. But it definitely wouldn’t hurt.

Rock The World, Pass The Twizzlers: A Crash Course in Tour-Bus Survival

The tour is about to begin, the open road is calling, and for the next couple of weeks, the tour bus (or van, or RV, or really crowded Volkswagen) is going to be your home.

Social Distortion, Elvis Costello, Steely Dan and Disturbed DLC

A wide variety of DLC comes to Rock Band this week - Steely Dan, Disturbed, The Replacements, Elvis Costello and a three-pack from Social Distortion.

CD Or Not CD: They’re clunky, expensive and obsolete. But yes, you still need to deal with them

As we’ve all heard a million times by now, the CD is dead. If you want to sell music, all you’ve got to do is let your fans pay the price of their choice for a download.

Total Rock Rewards Finalist Videos: New Orleans

We ventured to the bayou for even stiffer competition in the Crescent City.

Total Rock, Total Rewards Finalist Videos: Las Vegas

So you want to earn the glory in our nationwide, Harrah’s-sponsored Rock Band competition? Hate to break the news, but you’re up against some real pros. Check out the video of the Las Vegas finalists.

Total Rock, Total Rewards Finalist Videos: Hammond

Things get even wilder in the happening town of Hammond—That’s in Indiana, for you non-casino goers—where competing bands got seriously into the live show