Author: Christine Jandreau

Enter the Asylum with a Disturbed Three-Pack! Plus Singles from Veer Union, Crash Kings, and We Are The Fallen

This week we bring you a Disturbed three-pack of DLC from their brand new album Asylum, including the new single "Another Way To Die." We also have singles from Veer Union, Crash Kings, and We Are The Fallen coming to the Rock Band Music Store.

Avenged Sevenfold and Juanes DLC Comes to Rock Band!

This week we have a three-pack of tracks from rockers Avenged Sevenfold and a six-pack of tracks from Spanish-language artist Juanes.

The Vines and Sweet Billy Pilgrim Make Their Rock Band Debuts

The Vines make their Rock Band debut with a five-pack, plus British rockers Sweet Billy Pilgrim bring their single to the Rock Band Music Store.

Six Ozzy Osbourne Tracks Come to Rock Band!

Six Ozzy Osbourne tracks come to the Rock Band Music Store on June 15th, including unreleased tracks from Ozzy's upcoming album Scream!

Four Tracks from Pioneer Punk Band X, Plus Singles from Little Fish, Carrie Underwood, Ace Frehley, and OneRepublic

This week we bring you four tracks from pioneer punk band X, plus three from Little Fish, and singles from Ace Frehley, Carrie Underwood, and OneRepublic.

Disturbed Spreads The Sickness

Another three-pack from Disturbed comes to Rock Band plus pairs of tracks from Silversun Pickups and The Mother Hips, and a single from Trust Company. 

Marry The Woman Who Helps You Start A Career as a Video Game Character Artist: The Matt Gilpin Story

Harmonix Lead Character Artist Matt Gilpin shows us his classic-looking Rock Band stickers, his minicomic and other personal art, and talks to us about his path to becoming a Harmonix artist.

HMX Desks: Action Figures, Yo! MTV Raps Cards, and a Straitjacket – the Perfect Workspace

Here's another look at the desks of the community and PR team. This time we talked to HMXaleX about his Street Fighter action figures and other characters inhabiting his desk.

Rock Band's 2009 Wrap-Up

The year in Rock Band.

HMX Desks: HMXVeng’s Turtles, Riggs, and Dave

Check out the toys that inhabit HMXVeng's desk, including an Eddie Riggs statue, TMNT figures, and anime figures.