Author: Fish McGill

Snoop Dogg’s Rock Band Debut

I vividly remember watching MTV and seeing “Nuthin’ But A G Thang” (after school and after homework) as a fifth grader hearing in Snoop count “One, two, three and to the four, Snoop Doggy Dogg and Dr. Dre is at the door…”

Behind The Scenes With Neil Peart on “The Hockey Theme”

Rush drummer Neil Peart is no stranger to Rock Band and he recently released his own version of the Canadian classic "The Hockey Theme" as Rock Band DLC.

Twice In A Lifetime: A Tour of Mike Dornbrook’s Desk

Harmonix Chief Operations Officer Mike Dornbrook generously gave us an exciting tour of his office over Central Square and talked about the video games he worked on during his amazing career.

HMX Desks: Robotkid

It comes as no surprise that the Robotkid has lots of mechanical friends hanging out with him in his office and on his desk.

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