Author: Harmonix

Green Day: Rock Band Release Date Announced!

Green Day Rock Band's release date and cover art have been revealed!

Rock Band Network Insider’s Look: The Labels

With the release of the Rock Band Network, a bunch of indie labels have jumped at the opportunity to get their music into it, and out in front of new fans. We got a chance to talk to a number of these labels and get their thoughts on RBN. Enjoy getting a peek into what the label side of the RBN process is thinking!

Rock Band Network Music Store Launched!

Welcome to the launch of the Rock Band Network Store! The Rock Band Network Music Store is giving Rock Band fans and music lovers a new avenue to discover music and providing musicians and labels the opportunity to produce and promote tracks for the Rock Band platform.

Harmonix Co-Founders Alex Rigopulos and Eran Egozy are Character Approved

Harmonix co-founders Alex Rigopulos and Eran Egozy were honored by USA Network in the 2010 Character Approved Awards, which aim to honor the real characters who are changing the face of American culture. 

A Star for a Starr!

Watch the live webcast of Ringo Starr receiving his star from the Hollywood Walk of Fame! (Tune in today, February 8th, starting at 9:30pm EST.)

Energizer Advance Into Overdrive Jimmy Twinkle Recap

The members of Jimmy Twinkle and the BAD woke up to a frosty Michigan morning on Thursday, having little to no sleep but excited about flying to New York to play Rock Band in front of thousands of people for 20 straight hours.

Crazy Little Thing Called LEGO: Queen Joins the LEGO Rock Band Kingdom

Queen featured as LEGO minifigs and performing their classic hit "We Are the Champions" in LEGO Rock Band.

This One LEGO’s Up to Eleven! Tonight Spinal Tap Rocks Us Tonight

Spinal Tap appears as LEGO minifigs in LEGO Rock Band, playing their song "Short and Sweet."

LEGO Goes "Woo-Hoo": Blur Joins the LEGO Rock Band Party

Blur appears in LEGO Rock Band as minifigs singing their hit "Song 2."

Introducing… LEGOy Stardust & The Kiddies From Mars!

David Bowie’s been an alien, a scary monster, a Thin White Duke..and now he’s a LEGO character!