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You are probably wondering where my bloggity blogging self has been for the past couple of weeks, well I have been working on an all encompassing secret project that has taken up all of my time.

Informational Post

On Fridays the whole of Harmonix gathers in the Freq Pit (a giant room in the middle of our main floor) for Weely. Weely is a weekly meeting and catered lunch.


Look at Us Still Talking When There’s Science To Do: An Interview With Jonathan Coulton

Harmonix writer Heather Wilson talks with Jonathan Coulton, creator of the Portal-inspired song "Still Alive."

I'm making a note here: HUGE SUCCESS

As you may have noticed I have been absent from blog writingclass the past few weeks. This is because I changed jobs, went on vacation, andhad a Monday holiday, in that order.

Harmonix is Wired

Wired visited the Harmonix office and wrote up a nifty story on us.

A Title is Required

This past week I finished the last of the Rock Shop names and descriptions (excluding instruments, that's Helen domain - she knows waaay more about instruments than I do), which leaves bug fixes for this week. I get all sorts of bugs, mostly grammar ones as I am notorious for forgetting commas. Some of my best bugs revolve around misinterpretations of slang terms. I have to give major props to EA QA though, as they have found a lot of tiny things I've needed to fix.

Write about it

Yesterday a group of us went to a magical place called Monster Golf! It's like an arcade and mini golf course in a black-lit, Halloween themed, former bank. The course is flat but has lots of angles and even wandering monsters in the form of two caked-up gangs of children dodging our every hole. I didn't get enough tickets for butterfly candy by playing Ice Ball (what monsters call ski ball), but rest assured I will return and conquer.

Johnny Come Lately

Last Wednesday, August the 1st saw the inauguration of the following thread on our newsgroups, Subject: Damn you, bathroom boombox! The thread was started by Robotkid (our Creative Director) because listening to the bathroom boombox had caused him to purchase a reggae album.

Better Than Quicksand

Saturday it rained a lot. Like, a lot. It rained so hard the QA ceiling leaked. It was also the first of a new weekly tradition: Sushi Saturdays. Since we are in crunch and nearly everyone is required to work Saturdays the company pays for lunch. Kris thought it would be cool if we had sushi for lunch to make working on those days nicer.

Better Than Quicksand

Saturday it rained a lot. Like, a lot. It rained so hard the QA ceiling leaked.

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