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Stone Temple Pilots and Jimmy Eat World Bring More Tracks to Rock Band

We have six new tracks from Stone Temple Pilots and three new tracks from Jimmy Eat World for you this week!

BYOBooth: Our DIY PAX 2010 Adventure

Penny Arcade Expo is, without a doubt, the most supportive, friendliest and hospitable convention we have the good fortune to attend every year. PAX this year was absolutely no exception. But this year, we had a very special booth...

John Drake: The Main Drag, RBN, and Promotions at 30,000 Feet, Part II

HMXHenry continues his chat with John Drake, Harmonix's Manager of Communications, on all things Rock Band Network and music promotion. 

Stooges & Bad Religion DLC

I found a copy of Raw Power with legendary frontman Iggy Pop on the cover, shirtless, lean and intense. I gave it a listen. My mind was blown.

Pot of Gold at the End of the Black Rainbow: New DLC from Coheed & Cambria

A three-pack of DLC from Coheed & Cambria's new album Year of the Black Rainbow, plus singles from Siouxsie and the Banshees, The Violent Femmes, and Supergrass.

John Drake – The Main Drag, RBN and Promotions at 30,000 Feet

John Drake (aka HMXjohnd) is the Harmonix Communications Manager and Rock Band Network Program Manager. He is currently on the road with 185 pounds of Rock Band gear for the next 3 weeks to staff events in 4 different states. He is also the drummer in The Main Drag, who were responsible for 10% of the content available at the launch of the RBN store yesterday. He is never not firing on all cylinders, but he took the time to start an email interview with us while he was on his way to the airport. 

Custom Rock Band Guitar for Child's Play!

Check out an exclusive Rock Band guitar designed for a PAX Child's Play charity auction!

Coheed & Cambria Interview

When Coheed and Cambria came to town last month, HMXHenry and HMXPope got a chance to visit with the band’s frontman, Claudio Sanchez on the their tour bus.

The Beatles: Rock Band at Fenway Park

The HMX Community Team hosted The Beatles: Rock Band set ups at two recent Paul McCartney shows at Fenway Park… here’s what they saw.

Hope's P!nk Sweater E3 Recap

Hope’s P!nk Sweater, winners of the fast paced 24 hour Pepsi Rock Band Video Contest, bring you their star struck E3 recap, covering the airport, the HMX wrap party and everything in between.

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