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More Grateful Dead Tracks Come to Rock Band, Plus The Smithereens Make Their Rock Band Debut

Get out your tie-dyed shirts and your bell bottom pants. We’re bringing you more Grateful Dead next week! Plus two tracks from The Smithereens!

Who’s on Rock Band? More from The Who

The Who are one of THOSE bands. Those huge bands that make amazing music, influence generations, tour for years and continue to be relevant half a century after they originally formed. There aren’t many of those bands.

Alice In Chains Adds New Singles and Old Favorites

Five more new and classic Alice In Chains tracks are coming to Rock Band

Working at Harmonix is Awesome

I wanted to work for Harmonix. I used to email HMXHellion every few months, asking about open positions and including my resume, constantly trolling the job openings for something I could do.

We Had a Ticket to Ride

HMXthebeststeph and HMXThrasher had the opportunity to show off The Beatles: Rock Band at a Paul McCartney concert in New York City.

Lessons Learned from E3

I had the surreal experience of attending my first E3 this year. Coworkers tried to prepare me for the flurry of activity and chaos that would occur, but I’m more of an experiential learner, so I ignored all of their advice.

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