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Find Us at PAX 2010!

Are you headed out to Seattle for PAX Prime? Want to know where to find your trusty old HMX Community team? Check out the following list of panels and other events featuring HMX devs and alumni. For more information and a full schedule visit!

Warped Tour 2010 Photo Roundup

HMXThrasher, HMXHenry, and special guests HMXColby and HMXHenry's brother, hit Warped Tour last week to chat with your favorite Rock Band bands and get some awesome photos. 

This is Serious Business: Playing Rock Band with the Acacia Strain

HMXThrasher chats with Vincent Bennett of the Acacia Strain about being on tour, their RBN track "Dr. Doom," and metal from Massachusetts. Plus we play "Dr. Doom" in Rock Band with Vincent on vocals. 

Beautiful and Brutal: DLC Singles from The Used, Serj Tankian, and Smash Mouth

Singles from The Used, Serj Tankian, and Smash Mouth come to Rock Band this week!

Thrasher’s Face-to-Face with Evile: An Interview with Ol

HMXThrasher chats with Ol of Evile and gets the scoop on Evile's RBN plans!

PAX 2010: Amazing Moments on the Rock Band Lounge Stage

HMXThrasher recaps the most amazing moments of the Rock Band Lounge at PAX East. 

PAX East: Rated C for Charity Update!

HMXThrasher reveals the results of the PAX East "C for Charity" raffle to support Child's Play!

PAX East: Rated C for Charity

So PAX East in Boston is just around the corner and we couldn’t be more stoaked to see you guys! We’ve teamed up with our local buddy Turbine and our friends at Joystiq to put together a killer series of raffle prizes. Tickets cost one dollar and will give you the chance to win one of twelve (that’s right, twelve) amazing prizes. The best part? Every penny will be going to Child’s Play at the end of the weekend.

Whirlwind Visits!

HMXThrasher recounts some recent community trips to Denver, Chicago, & Minneapolis.

From the Judges' Table: Our Tips for Acing Your Next Rock Band Competition

Need some tips on improving your Rock Band competition performance? Let the expert Harmonix judges show you the way.

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