Author: HMXThrasher

The Thrasher Challenge: Are You (Wo)Man Enough?

HMXThrasher shows who's boss on Evile's "Thrasher," one of the most difficult songs in Rock Band.

Some Like It Hot! Or, HMX Takes a Road Trip to Fender

There are many parties and partners beyond the floating sky-fortress of doom who help us ensure that our games are as awesome as they possibly can be.

Behind the Scenes: Face Melts and Wise Words from Kurt of The Konks

HMXThrasher provides an insider's viewpoint of a fellow HMXer's live show, plus an exclusive interview with The Konks frontman Kurt Davis.

MTV Coast to Coast! Or, The Beatles: Rock Band Tour 2009

It’s always nice to keep our loving, big brother (MTV Games) in the loop about what we’ve been up to here in the Harmonix floating sky fortress of doom and awesomeness.

Starlight VIP Party with HMX

It’s true that E3 is loads of work, but we here at Harmonix believe in a zen-like balance of work and play in our lives.

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